Adult Discipleship
The adults gather during the second hour of our Sunday morning meeting to share what God is doing in our lives, to offer prayer requests, and to petition God for these needs. We also may consider the sermon of that morning, discuss a book we are reading together or weigh a local, national or international issue that calls for biblical thinking and/or prayer.

Youth Discipleship
As young people grow into adulthood, they need to be ready and equipped to become mature, active church members. The intent is to build upon the students’ knowledge of God and provide application for our young people in life and ministry. Covenant helps young people by ensuring they learn more about Jesus, His Word, and our joy in Him above all things; equipping them to study the Bible on their own; defend their faith with both reason and gentleness; and as they graduate high school, equip them to serve the church (whether it is at Covenant, away at college, or somewhere else as an adult).

Children’s Discipleship
Children have a need to know God and to learn life and true joy is in Christ alone.  We believe Christian parents have the primary responsibility to teach their children the ways of God, but we also take seriously our commission as a church to make disciples. Covenant Community Church has established discipleship at appropriate age levels to work alongside parents in their disciple-making role and not to take it from them.

We strive to cultivate throughout all aspects of Covenant Community Church gospel-centered relationships in which strangers are loved and our people are cared for.  We want to illustrate and nurture the skill of being mutually accountable — as well as winsome, encouraging, and evangelistic — both in church gatherings and relationships, as well as in inviting those outside the church into our homes and group activities. By this we hope to strengthen faith and joy in Jesus and to share genuine love.

We are seeking to expand our ministries of compassion to the needy and to gospel-focused ministries in the community. Choices Women’s Center, formerly known as the Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center, plays an important role in protecting the lives of the unborn and helping women and men in unplanned pregnancies make life-affirming decisions and come to know Christ. Our church serves this ministry by cleaning the facility twice a month, supporting it financially, participating in its various campaigns, and praying for the counselors, staff, and persons in need.

We see evangelism, outreach, and service as the church’s watershed ministries for representing in a practical way the gospel of Jesus in our community and neighborhoods. We encourage God’s people to be intentional in ministry in their neighborhood, pray for those who need Christ, and to know and share the gospel with others. We desire our joy in Christ to overflow into a love demonstrated in acts of service that lead to gospel conversations and life transformations.

We support various partners engaged in global and North American outreach, evangelism, church planting, and direct care of fellow Christians overseas. These include the International and North American Mission Boards of the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as nationals in Central Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe. We hope to grow in a missionary mindset and a Christ-minded lifestyle in order to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.